My first Stage Play Experience 

If you read my last monthly recap post here, I wrote about how I’d be featuring in a stage play and also why September would be mostly busy for me. It’s a thing of Joy to say that i conquered that stress.

Taking up several responsibility with equal attention isn’t something I’m used to or a task that I love doing so when I had a lots of it on my plate, I was almost heading to a systematic breakdown but I’m an ardent believer of fighting through survival to get a miracle.

This stage play was the first of its kind here in Nnewi, Anambra State. It has never been done before barely thought. The story started when I passed through with the audition and was given a preliminary briefing by the director on what the stage play involved which sounded like a good deal to me. I took the contract home and went through it, it still sounded promising and something I could pull off so I signed and returned it but boy, that was the beginning of my wahala (trouble). The popular misconception most people have including me about acting is that every Tom, duke and Harry can pull it off without stress but I learnt different during stage play. I’ve also heard people say that there’s a difference between acting on a stage and film but to me it’s fairly the same. Only difference being that stage play requires utmost exaggeration of your character while a movie requires a less effort. You can maneuver with film and still come out good but laws on stage is military but honestly I think without this difference, both requires the same level of hardwork, perseverance and consistency. Before now, I never thought like this. I criticized movies destructively,  judging, cursing and bashing different characters because I obviously thought I could do better.

Rehearsals was as tough  you can imagine. One day after the tedious rehearsals, I went home and asked myself some deep questions. I asked my self ‘shey na you collect contract sign, nobody sent you’. Nobody put a gun to my head to sign that contract so when I felt like giving up, I remind myself I wasn’t forced to do this so I have to give it all I can. It wasn’t just getting it right to impress the director or the audience but I wanted to have a feeling of fulfillment knowing that I gave it my all without fail.

My character was an antagonist to who I really am. Let’s call her Sharon now. Sharon is a talkative, manipulative, she doesn’t tolerate rubbish, bold, courageous and the life of a party. Well you know I’m opposite of all that. I prefer pressing phone in a party than shouting and dancing. To pull it off as an opposite to me was burdensome. It was hard to breakthrough but with reoccurring rehearsals and practice, I think I was near perfect.  Then came the day of the show, I was nervous as hell. I thought of all the things that could go wrong, forgetting my lines and blockings, laughing hysterically in between the play  but that nerve-racking moment was crashed at my first appearance on stage. I said I was never going to have eye contact with few friends who came around but it happened, I wondered what they are thinking and how they’d react afterwards. Well, I’m glad they loved and praised what I did.

Watching Uti Nwachukwu interview the cast of saro the musical, I noticed bolanle Austen peters have come a long way with her stage plays and it only keeps getting better. She stated a striking comment, stage play forms the foundation for a good actor. This wasn’t different from what our director has been saying but I think I needed to hear it from  some other person to believe. So, if I’m going to be an actor or feature in any movie, I’m elated to say that I’m on the right path.

If you think you missed out seeing me on stage, don’t worry, this stage play comes up every first Sunday of each month so I’d be on stage again on 5th November.

8 thoughts on “My first Stage Play Experience ”

  1. Lol….. Beautiful.
    Plays are usually toughest the first time, the last second before you start,you’d rather be flogged but once you’re past that second and you’re in your mettles, you’d rather be shot than stop.
    Keep winning dear.


  2. Beautiful piece. I knew you were close to giving up, but i also knew you would not. You don’t strike me as someone who gives up. God will continue to mold us all


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