Monday Inspiration|| A Great Employee

There are lots of articles supporting entrepreneurship, being an employer or how to treat employees, more so lots of journals supporting being your own boss, on the right living for a boss, how to Kickstart and breakeven in that business but seldom times would you see any on a proper attitude an employee should have, what creativity and innovative skills you should have as an employee. That part of trying script is usually flipped over by these writers and it makes me wonder if the ultimate goal for every employee is to someday own their business and be on top of just every person. Social media isn’t even helping with this as they have crafted a whole new level of success definition, where everyone expects that you work tirelessly without break chasing the paper and would even advise that working where you’re underpaid but overused is nothing but fallacy and shouldn’t be dealt with by a fresh graduate. They tell you a fresh graduate should immediately jump on their own business but I say that doing this and following just about everything you see on social media is a disaster building up and bound to explode.
Don’t get it wrong, I’m a strong advocate of owning your business and entrepreneurship. In fact, I dream to be one someday but then I understand life is in stages. You go through processes which refine you to handle whatever position you finally get in to appropriately and not rule or manage through emotional judgement. One of the many processes you’d go through life is working under a supervisor, working for an establishment owned by someone. In some cases, you consider your self better than the manager with greater ideas and more input but life put you in that position. Just before I list out the points I think every great employee should have, I would also want to add that any great employee who has mastered these skills and have a dream of owning their business someday would be undoubtedly a great boss. Below, I listed few of the qualities or attitudes you can cultivate or own in order to become a great employee.

  • Serve: Not through eyeservice or perceived gain, but see every opportunity in the work place as rendering service whether you’re in that jurisdiction or not fulfilling your own roles and what you’re employed to do.
  • Humble thy self: I know you got your MBA from London business school while being the best spoken traveled staff working under a local boss that probably just got his PhD but dear brothers and sisters, borrow a line from Kendrick Lamar,  “sit down and be humble”
  • Learn: Just in tandem with the above point, be ready to learn. You can only learn truthfully when you’re humble. When you take out pride from the way, teaching you becomes easier for the boss.
  • Respect: They say respect is reciprocal but please don’t use that line when you’re not respectful. Respect is not only rendered in the sirs or Mas you add before talking to your boss. Respect is when you come to work on time, dressed in a way the company requires even when you can’t see the point. Respect is also taking the appropriate orders for permission and avoiding unnecessary absenteeism from work. I learnt this last one the hard way.
  • Diligence: This includes executing your duties excellently no matter how tedious the task you have been given, it’s necessary that you keep at it. The bible also says that a diligent man will one day stand in front of kings and not before mean men (proverbs 22:29)

So, while you’re climbing the ladder of being a CEO, I hope this post would be helpful now and in the future as to being the greatest boss and influencer not just in your work place but across everyone who comes across your way.

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