Monday Inspiration|| Had I known

This is an unusual Monday inspiration post because the title directly has something to do with my regrets on blogging. This Wednesday, my blog will be turning one so I decided to share few of my regrets on starting a blog.

Before I started blogging, I did a lot of research on bloggers and on blogging. I knew about the hardwork and efforts put in by bloggers to make it work. I figured it won’t be that bad curating post and taking pictures after all being in front of a camera was my hobby, I can’t say the same for now anyway. I didn’t know blogging requires more, had I known, I would have been more prepared for the emotional, mental and physical draining I was about to go through but look who has made it through for one year.

I immediately thought with my dreams and visions of where I hoped to be in one year, collaborations with different brands from left, right and Centre would flood in. Had I known, there are thousands of bloggers doing almost the same thing I’m doing on the universe, and even much better than I am. I would have probably cut down my expectations thereby reducing the self-inflicted pressure.

Most of you who had been around for a while now or people who started of reading the blog would have also noticed my move from blogspot to wordpress. Had I known or if I did my research properly and not through laziness, I would have discovered wordpress was a thousand times better than blogspot. I discovered this late I must say because I lost the small stats I was trying to build.

I started this blog with a mindset of getting a lot of views from all my friends, school mates and class mates. From my calculations,  If they all visited, shared the post and subscribed to my blog, I should be getting over 300 views on each post. Had I known I was in this race alone, I would have trusted less and advertised more to people who will buy in to this vision and follow. I trusted on these people so much and yeah, they let me down.

I’m not a techy person no matter how much you try to paint this, I’d still pass. The reason I’ve not understood SEO’s and keywords till today. I regret not being this techy person because I know this blog would have been in a better place and position if I was. The blog would be shaped better, I would get views from all over the world. Well, I’m glad to be improving on this as I just joined Pinterest few days ago.

ifeoma Amadi wrote about building your instagram page on her blog which has been a struggle to me. Had I known, I would have been more violent and aggressive about advertising on instagram because only the violent taketh it by force!! But I’m glad that since I read that post and many more my advertising skills have sky rocketed.

I thought my society had respect for your choices and opinions but no, not when it’s not popular or chosen by majority. I didn’t know strangers and friends will legit look me in the eye and call me crazy and a weirdo for my fashion choices. Had I known this, I would have put on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual armour to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy
So if you’re going to eventually start a blog, I hope you find my regrets helpful and as a stepping stone so you don’t fall into the same ditch of confusion and depression like I fell into.

Well, the consolation of it all is that there’s hope. Hope lives in my heart and refreshes my soul saying “one day it will get better” I’m rehearsing for my recital.

I honestly need your suggestions for celebrating our one year anniversary. Your ideas are welcome. Drop a comment below.

Photo credit: Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| Had I known”

  1. Well honey, you can only take it one day at a time. Most bloggers actually went through this process in their first few years, now they are better and ontop of their games.


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