Style Post|| Plus one

Yaayyy!!! I type this currently with utmost excitement and joy. Who would have thought that what seemed like a joke from yesterday is gradually becoming a brand to reckon with? I didn’t even think that this journey would have come this far. The fear of running out of ideas, money (yes fashion blogging consumes money too), building stats, not being good enough was there. These and many more fears stood tall like a Goliath before me just after I started blogging. I was discouraged on the onset, my parents made fun of this and they still are anyway but my resilient spirit won. Girl!! We are not even close to the vision I have for style lately and it’s looking like this already!

                 OUTFIT DETAILS

  1. Body suit: misguided
  2. Skirt, shoe and woven purse: thrifted

It’s not been easy I tell you. The moments I sank into depression can’t be counted. I was discouraged on every side way before it started especially by the number of style bloggers excelling in the industry, so much so for someone just trying to pull through the first post shooting pictures with her phone as against people shooting with professional cameras. I gave this a big thought but as I was brooding over it, the word came. It dropped down in my spirit and he said to me “it doesn’t matter how many people are currently doing it, your voice will be heard over the nations” I knew it had to be God so I moved and started with what I had. Fast forward to this year, style lately has become a formidable force to be reckoned with in fashion blogging. This might be just a push someone reading this might need though, Get up and do it now! The excuses are from the devil trying to stop you from achieving your dreams. STEP UP!

I’m thankful to every single view, click, share, comment that this blog has received through your commitment and love for me. To everyone who has stuck it out with me even when I’ve had to take unexplainable breaks in between to cool my head off, I’m super thankful. I’m also very grateful to God for help, for sustaining us and also for the grace to keep holding on, for the style post, lifestyle, and monday inspiration post ideas that flowed in during my quiet time. The grace I’ve enjoyed can’t be put rightly into words.

For the next one year, it’s still in a blurry stage. I can’t place my hand on the direction of this journey but I know quitting this blog is not one of them. I hope you join me on this discovery journey which I also know will be worth it.

What’s your best post on the blog so far?

What do you think we can do to improve? Drop your ideas on the comments box.

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