October Recap × November Goals

I know we are almost one week into November to be posting this monthly recap, how late of me wishing you a happy new month with 6 days gone into a new month but I know as I’m apologizing like I always you, you also do a good job at forgiving me and this is the part I say I’m grateful to all blog visitors and followers and thank you for understanding and forgiving my imperfections.

Pheww!! That was way too much Grammer abeg so I’m going to jump to the part I gist y’all how interesting my October was, so much so I haven’t had or enjoyed my time and personal space in any other month than how I did for October. Actually, thinking and writing about it reminds me of the time well spent in the past month. I will start from the fun wedding of a close friend I attended at Enugu. All my classmates were there and I was part of the bridal train. Guys, I lost my home training at the bridal shower which I’m still not proud of. Dancing like a mad person when I ought to be pulling souls to Christ. It was so bad that when I saw the video on a friend’s phone, I was ashamed of myself but in the long run I got over that feeling. From the fabulous wedding, we went straight to shoprite so I can get coldstone which for whatever reason I was craving at the time and I regrettably spent a whooping sum of #2500 on that which was supposed to be my money for feeding but I was comforted by the verse, “God provides our daily bread”

My makeup done partially by me meaning I only blended the foundation.
That’s a blurry picture of me gradually loosing my home training and No, I wasn’t drinking.

October was also a work less and gist more as we had some IT students over to help with dispensing and that was the best thing ever. I walked in to the office every morning like a boss, supervised and off I went gisting and calculating money lol. Speaking of work, October was also less busy because I had to do with a lot less from my rehearsals and blogging. It also got me thinking of quitting a few of the things I do just so I have some free time but on the flip side, gathering a lot of free time that would waste in sleeping and getting house chores done isn’t the most brilliant idea.

Last month was also the time I had my way with wigs. I didn’t know wearing wigs were the most comfortable thing ever and style lately is all about comfortable style so you already know what direction I’m taking with wigs. I hope to add more to my wig collection and I also hope to do a wig review from my favourite brand. From braided wigs to colored wigs, they are becoming my favourite thing after coldstone

I’m in an indecisive situation, help me decide. What do I do? Let go of these petite jobs and focus on my life a little more or continue to form super woman.

Blog wise,  a lot wasn’t going on here partly my fault for boring people out on motivational and inspiring posts instead of the real deal which is fashion why the blog kick started in the first place. Well, I’d try as much as possible to post more style post category which my ardent readers know it comes up every Wednesday and revive my flash back fashion  post which was supposed to be schedule for Friday.

Moving on to my November goals, well, I wouldn’t exactly say that in plurals because the only definite goal I have is to move my blog to where it ought to be before this year runs out no matter what it may take me. The strategies I plan deploying is through insane publicity so if you follow me on social media, I will be all up on your time line this month and next. I’m also learning having a coherent feed on instagram.  I know that is so much work which is why I’m taking it one step at a time

Quick question, If I’m building a perfect instagram feed, do I delete my old pictures because they don’t work with my selected theme or start from what I already have?

Though, November isn’t looking promising already as I’m under pressure from every side, I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I encourage you to do the same too.

What are your definite goals for November and the rest of 2017? Do share by leaving us a comment.

7 thoughts on “October Recap × November Goals”

  1. You look glam in that gown B. I want to be inducted into the wig life too but my pocket is not helping at all.
    About the Instagram thing, I think it depends on you but if it were to be me,i would start like that and after a while,when I notice how my old pictures are messing up my feed…I’ll then go ahead and delete them.
    November is a good month for me…nothing special is happening but I’m just claiming all the goodness. One of my goals though is to start my blog this month… Anticipate!!!
    Lastly,you have the finest shorts… I don’t know how you do it.


    1. You should have warned me of long comment alert!! Lol
      Well, I think first start is to think of a unified color theme with instagram and then create the pictures which I’m yet to choose.
      I was also smiling ear to ear reading this. Cheers to a new start baby!! I can’t wait to be your number one fan already. Hello to new beginnings

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, well……what do I say?
    Keep “superwomanning” but be a laser-focused super woman and let everything know their place.
    Stunted growths at all angles are necessary, if your goal z to own a “pet” flower garden. But it’s a terrible idea if you’re aimed at a forest of timbers. Your choice!

    PS: I wish I could sincerely do what I just told you. Focus is the hardest thing ever!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. For your feed, just archive the old photos! It will help you start afresh and all. That way, you’re not deleting the photos, but at the same time they’re not what people will see when they come on your page. Good luck with your publicity and blog growth!


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