Monday Inspiration|| Redirection

I’ve thought about it. It’s not a spur of the moment. I know this so well as I know my heart is beating right now that I need a shift. I need to drop a lot of commitments and finally face what counts on the long run but what really counts? That hunk of a man with well-arranged packed beards also stands tall with the right asymmetric measurements well above 6ft of course and a breath of fresh air wounding round his selected choice of english words or taking a trip to Bali with 2 other girls tagged BFF each successful in their own field, with a mannequin figure always posing right for the gram or me on the red carpet not as an assistant to tiwa savage or bad girl riri but a key-note speaker at a master class event with the paparazzi each attempting to get an exclusive interview on my numerous projects at the moment and also my incredible and enviable love life but “oh honey I’m sorry for the disappointment, my personal assistant Jacob here will take all your questions” will be a handy reply all the time. Does it count?

I’ve began to ponder on recurrent scenes that played out in my life over the few weeks in to November and it dawned on me that truly, I’ve been chasing what never added a cubit to my comfortable life. All the money I’m trying to gather so much so I forgot about my mental and emotional well-being and yet the hunger stuck and the thirst for more remains unquenchable. What then counts? Since it doesn’t count having an ambition to live in a 30,000 Sq meters house and a parking garage of about the latest Benz and Range shipped from the manufacturer.

My lust has led me to a jail of mental slavery and struggle which eventually led up to psychological pressure. It’s disappointing that I only just realized this but the testimony I’m finally free rings a bell in my soul. I’m mentally free from this struggle of relevance. I know this because I re-routed my ambition to a safer place of fulfillment know that complying to my purpose was the only thing that counts.

You think purpose is overrated? I thought and preached that too. I convinced people on following the tide is the best for living. I’m sorry I lied, I didn’t know better. I was in an oblivion of what purpose meant and stood for but like I said before, I’ve had a redirection. What really counts is the number of lives influenced by me through media, at the hospital and also in the little blogging community of mine. I’ve not done good if I don’t change people around me to think better of themselves, accept Christianity not as a religion but as a form of relationship with their creator. I won’t  have a sense of completeness if I don’t sacrifice my money, my time and energy to see someone else happy and thus is the redirection, to drop narcissism and embrace Altruism.

4 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| Redirection”

  1. Chiezugo…this is wonderful. do not relent on the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment for people around you. am deeply touched by ur write up


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