Style Post|| Story Of My Style Discovery

Eight years ago, as naive and young at heart as I was living in delusion that I’d be born to one of those wealthy parents with a luxurious lifestyle, let’s all laugh together at my hallucinations though. Before eight years ago, was the Era of local television networks and the only fashion inspiration thrown at us was the woman pretty much in her mid 30’s with her gele ruffled by the corner annoyingly paired with iro and buba, (I was told by a friend that the news were always pre-recorded which translates that this woman will always sit and watch herself read the news, although not at least disappointed, I felt betrayed) which has been taken over by DSTV. Children of this generation will never know the struggle of having a rainbow TV.
I didn’t have a sense of fashion then, I only wore what felt good and I remember my go to dresses were always the Cinderella kinds because it felt dreamy. In fact, whenever I put on those dresses, I felt like the chosen princess which was always a feeling to live by. As years passed by, I noticed an angle turn in my fashion sense greatly influenced by friends and Facebook. Facebook was a greater influence in my first year at university because I browsed through these pages frequently, probably more than I should have been doing so it was almost natural flowing with the tide. I was lost in the wilderness of people pleasing without finding a voice of my own

RIP to my old self that was a people pleaser through fashion. You won’t be missed nor forgotten

I must add that DSTV is an additional oomph to fashion revolution. I can vividly remember burying my face on E! during a holiday, a station my father has warned me to clearly stay away from, as I was there on the couch enjoying Joan Rivers sarcasm and thoughtful criticism, my dad barged in this time caught me on the same station then started with his good old preaching favourite line of his being that if I continue this way, I won’t save any money and will eventually end up in poverty.

Look who’s rich now, I mean I’m not living in poverty! I should inform and lecture my dad possibly on thrifted fashion and how much that has made me save.

I stopped flowing with the tide at my third year in the university and it started off with a particular interest in picking and buying outfits that are not worn by everyone. I needed something outstanding without having to break the bank so the first guess was shopping thrift items so basically that year was when I experienced fashion liberation and a styling testimony. I enjoyed my thrift items, standing infront of the mirror and trying each out and thinking of how best i would wear them was an overwhelming thought. My friends didn’t quite buy the idea and made fun of it. I felt really bad about this so I decided not to inform them when I went thrift shopping and to achieve this I went shopping at evening when drink sunset and sneaked in at night. My little trick worked for a while before that Balloon was flattened. #saynotopleasingpeople

I was freed from that trauma when I discovered my passion which is creating a striking look using the basics. Before this time, I would buy more and more clothes because from my stand point it was never enough. I never had the patience to look through what I had and created a look from it rather, I was always on the look out for more. I’m not fully liberated from this habit though, I’m just taking it one step at a time. I would also not forget that in this journey, social media especially instagram contributed a lot to my being minimalistic. I knew I wasn’t copying this style or flowing with the tide anymore because everything about being a minimalist resonates with my body, spirit and soul.

Who else is in this state of thrifting more clothes because it never seems enough? If you passed that test, how did you do it? Do share. I’m willing to learn.

I don’t regret any bit discovering this journey later than I should. It would have been a regret If I discovered it but stuck with pleasing society out of fear for what they might think of me. #liveyourbestlife

Thanks for reading this post to the end. I felt on a spiritual level that this was a long post but every strand of hair on my head is hoping you read and enjoyed every bit of it.

How did you discover your fashion style? Kindly share what your journey of discovery here.

Have you been a people or society pleaser before? How did you get out?


8 thoughts on “Style Post|| Story Of My Style Discovery”

  1. Am with you in this one. Thrift shopping is the best thing that happened to me. Has its own uniqueness rather than the normal community medicine. Nice one dear


  2. I know nothing..o
    But ever since I started knowing you.. I just love to read through your ideas..
    How much of an influence it’s having on me is still very debatable..
    But kudos to you dear..
    I really love your strength


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