Rants and More

“Hmm, you don’t sound Nigerian, you don’t look like a Nigerian, if you take pictures here ehn, you will think it’s jand. It doesn’t look like Nigeria.”
Are you familiar with these phrases or sentences? whichever one it is now. Have you noticed it’s thrown at you when you’re trying to be different from the usual? It’s so bad that when you want to do what’s right by not cutting corners or telling the truth in a secretary’s office, your friends and acquaintances and to some extent family are quick to correct and remind you that you’re a Nigerian and therefore shouldn’t behave a certain manner and when I say “certain” I meant Honest.

If you’ve observed this trend over some time, you’d agree with me that the reason why is this way is that we have a corrected setting in the Nigerian system. You know when you buy a new phone and you have to change the initial default settings so you can enjoy it in your own way no matter if the manufacturer approves with it or not? That’s exactly how Nigeria works. Our default settings has been manipulated. It’s like a baby who has just been delivered without a tutor. If you watch that baby grow without the right guide, he will end up picking from the society what he thinks right and immediately shape his life in such manner.

As the sentences and questions above suggests, you’d agree that the only reason why you’re still looked upon as a weirdo is because Nigerians has a default setting of Mediocrity and corruption. These two factors Can be interchangeable and totally independent of each other. It’s hard to tell which one even comes first out of the two. A politician vying for any post in the country doesn’t need a long manifesto to win the hearts of the masses. We’re so close to loosing our sanity which leads us to reelect a sitting governor just because “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know” see the stupidity? WTF thinks like this? You don’t ask what he has done for the past tenure but you voted him out of sympathy and mediocrity (Sorry for the curse words but this got me so angry). I got so  furious with one of those comments on Facebook and almost pushed to the points of exchanging insults before I quickly remembered that I’m not rightly distributing the blame to who it should go to,

but wait a sec, who sold take the blame? The government or the people? This is the toughest question I’ve had to answer. Drop a comment on this, let’s know.

All these reasons and more are why I won’t stop anyone from pursuing the Canadian visa or any other country other than Nigeria. Nigeria it’s a failed state in which all hope it’s lost. It doesn’t even have any plan for anybody so the earlier you run out of the country and send love to us from the snow clad in camel trench coat and knee length boots, the better.

This might not be a coherent post because I had to spill my anger somewhere. So, pardon me if it doesn’t meet your writing specifications.

4 thoughts on “Rants and More”

  1. Okay so I’m not don’t reading this so you might see another comment from me lol but you got me at the first paragraph! There was a time my cds coordinator was mad at me and a friend was like “so you don’t buy him anything? I’ll teach how to act like a Nigerian”… There was another time an officer asked for money and apparently I should have really squeezed the money before giving him as opposed to how I stretched it out in plain sight. My friends concluded that I don’t know how things are done in Nigeria


  2. “…send love to us from the snow clad in camel trench coat and knee length boots, the better.” That part killed me but I can tell you’re not even trying to be funny and this is something that bothers you. I wouldn’t stop anyone from running away either but I believe there’s hope for Nigeria. I honestly don’t know how but I just do.


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