2017: Goals Round Up

This year ran out so fast and this is not me joining the chorus but I can vividly remember how I was just firing up prayers, raining fire and brimstone on my enemies on 31st December. My mom had earlier suggested I stay at home after we came back from a wedding but I knew there was a higher calling than to stay and devour that roasted chicken. Oh well, i still miss that chicken though.
I never got a day to take a retreat to properly think about my life and write these 2017 goals which I was meant to do but I just wrote these down at the spur of the moment but I will sure be taking my 2018 goals really serious. I will be discussing this in full on the next Monday inspiration post

There’s an ingrate spirit that hovers towards the end of each year. It’s gonna show you where you didn’t get it right, goals that are yet to be marked off, friends that seem to be living their best life, your failures and disappointments but you know what that spirit doesn’t do? Magnify your strength and uplift your successes. So be on the look out and guard your heart. Always remind yourself that no matter the bad sides of 2017, you still have a million good sides and all the reasons to be grateful.

Examining my 2017 goals both the ticked and the others I couldn’t achieve which I’m not giving up on just yet

2017 Goals In Summary:

  1. I planned to do better, take conscious efforts and steps towards fighting laziness and procrastination. I really tried till the half of the year, I had it going good and bam, I had a relapse. It’s possible that laziness and procrastination comes with withdrawal symptoms. Does it? To also give myself some credit, I’ve become more confident, bolder and more courageous. To be able to look my Goliath in the eyes and say “I’d defeat you” is something I’m proud of. I’ve also become confrontational. Over the years, I’ve struggled with this and it let people get away with hurting me but now you don’t hurt me and get away with it. You’re getting your own dose. I don’t mean this in an insulting manner, but I’ve learnt to approach people  and ask questions about why they’ve done what they did and leave them with my piece of mind. I’m a work in progress with the aspect of giving starting out with close family and friends before extending to others. I’m proud of myself for working and following this through.
  2. Earlier this year, I planned to enroll for my masters degree whilst running my compulsory one year internship programme but I figured this wasn’t achieved because I changed my direction to getting my second degree abroad where I’d finally say my final goodbyes to Nigeria.
  3. I had planned starting my thrift shop business in July this year but I guess time and chance happeneth to all things.
  4. I’m really excited for more blog visitors, followers and readers. I worked hard on this even with the slightest space I could squeeze from my ever busy schedule. I’m glad this blog is still standing and functional till this day. I’m absolutely thankful to every one who stuck it out with me 😍😍😍 Collaborating with brands and fellow bloggers didn’t turn out well for the blog this year so I’m carrying over this one till next year. I hope carrying goals over is allowed.
  5. If you’ve followed this blog stories for sometime, it’s no longer news that I’m under part-time slavery in a teaching hospital where I’m undergoing a one year compulsory uninterrupted internship which pharmacist have to go through before nysc to get your original license. The best explanation I have for this is that we’re like a sheep going to the slaughter only this time we’re not getting killed.
  6. For this, I would rate myself four out of ten because I only just discovered my purpose. So let’s just say I’m walking in that direction and making JESUS known wherever I’m sent to.
  7. Y’all know this didn’t happen so let’s all laugh in dreams and aspirations 😂😂

There are also opportunities which came up within the year that are not written down on paper which I truly accepted like working part-time as an OAP and getting involved in a stage play (Read about my experience here incase you missed this) all of which I’m really grateful for. I’m also trying not to be too hard on myself for not achieving all I had planned to but to be utmost grateful for all the steps I took to achieving them which I encourage you to do.

Kindly share your #2017goals and how difficult it was achieving some of them. Did you tick all of the off? Are you am carrying over some to 2018 like me?       Drop a comment below.

3 thoughts on “2017: Goals Round Up”

  1. You are rounding up so early,why??😒😒
    The year was beautiful to you o. The things you achieved were more than those that didn’t happen. God is still good!

    For me, I didn’t write down any goal for the year. I had some in my head that I was able to achieve like starting up my blog in November. Some others didn’t work out so there will definitely be carryovers. Also some others that didn’t work out have no chances of carryover but I’m still thankful.
    I agree, 2017 has been quite a year.


    1. Now that I think of it, maybe it’s way too early to start rounding up but I also need some time to write the goals for next year.

      It’s actually good to note down these things not just as a thought but properly written down. It’s even scriptural (permit me to go Bible on you) make the vision plain, write it down…. so you can track your achievements. 2017 was beautiful

      Liked by 1 person

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