Style Post|| Fashion Round up 3

On this new edition of fashion round-up, I think I should just let the pictures do the talking. Whether bold or tiny stripes, 2017 made a huge stripe impact in the fashion season. It was absolutely worn on the runway, street, corporate world and even on the red carpet. I would say one major thing that distinguishes stripes from other fabrics is that it accentuates every part of your body no matter what your shape is; pear, carrot or whatever fruit your body type is associated with, stripes broke the prison of what and what not to wear.

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I wasn’t particular about the stripe I wanted to wear for this shoot but thinking about it now, I felt I should have gone with a bolder version or what do you think? This fabric can be styled with anything fashion, it’s not racist neither is it selective. It can be worn with any footwear, accessory but my favourite to wear with the stripes is the dungarees. Y’all know I always go with the cool kid on the block look and wearing a stripe top with dungarees gives off that look effortlessly.

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Before you get carried away with my poetic rendition for the stripe fabric, fashion bloggers will swear down that beret was the greatest fashion comeback since inception of fashion comebacks. 2017 witnessed a historical moment when the beret made its appearance. I quietly observed this trend which was widely accepted by celebrities across board to fashion enthusiasts and adventurists like me that dive into styling the beret with just anything without looking like a clown.

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I stay in a pretty primitive fashion area so your guess is as good as mine when this fashion goodness was stared down upon calling it “childish” and shouldn’t be worn by someone of marriageable age like me but I’ve grown a thick skin to brush all of that spoken words off and borrow a line from cardi B; “I’m too quick cutting nigga off so don’t get comfortable”.

The anthem of freed shoulders were hugely sung in unison this season without any obvious disagreement. I’ve stated equally that bare shoulders/off shoulders in tops, dresses have come to stay and would not only outlast 2017 but usher us in to a new year. Fashion designers have become more creative with the off shoulder trend, not only showing us what we are already used to but creating a busy yet simple finishing with the off-shoulder. asoebi bella have not also allowed this trend take a break particularly in the traditional setting. In fact, you’ve not really attended an owambe if your tailor hasn’t made this off-shoulder look for you and the good news is, it fits every one perfectly.


Dress: aliexpress

Beret, bag and shoes: thrifted

Hair: chinnybellehair

If you follow me @ _zuggy on instagram, you would have seen my excitement on my instastory when this dress arrived. It was my first time ordering from aliexpress and I’m happy that this product came in good shape from China. I must commend their delivery and packaging even when I filled the wrong address, this beauty still found its way to the post office.

What are your thoughts on the stripe fabric and beret comeback? How would you style your stripe? Tag me on all social media platforms when you do.

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