Welcome to denim heaven

I type this with a lot of excitement to know that the wait is finally over.

I don’t know who else looked forward to this day more than I did and now it’s finally here. To think that I’ve been going round the plans I had for this website since last year and still seems I’m running to meet up with time is just disappointing but then it’s still the typical me, always waiting for complete exhaustion of time or till the last minute when panicking and anxiety steps in order to finish a task.

Oh! Happy new year darlings. Ikr, wishing you a happy new year when the year is one month down but courtesy demands I do that for the culture. For a formal introduction before I begin with what this post is for and if you’re being observant enough, by now you should have noticed the upgrade and website name but if not, you’re welcome.

I’ve been blogging over a year now under a free hosted address by wordpress but I decided that 2018 is the year I take major strides in this blogging world and quit treating this blog as any other diary or venting place but as a business, not just a mere passion for fashion but as something I can make money from or make it my 9-5 job. Well, I thought if that’s going to happen then it’s about time i started investing big in it. This is the part most bloggers fail to let you know, they don’t tell you that to gain recognition and to stand out without being lost in the blogging crowd, you have to invest heavily in blogging. It doesn’t just take bringing your uniqueness and creativity which amongst others are important but investing time, money, prayers and exerting physical energy to make this work is also at the top of the list. Let me save some of this for my Monday inspiration post.

What is denim heaven?

I think the name alone is self explanatory. You already know what to expect from the name but I would explain further incase you have a hazy understanding of what denim heaven stands for.

If you’ve been following my blog for over a year now since style lately kicked off, I’ve had series of style posts which I put up here every Wednesday, and carefully going through old posts, I realized I’ve worn denim 80% of the time. I’ve always loved the denim fabric but I didn’t know my love for it would mean wearing mostly denim for every style post. It was never intentional at first but after a deep thought, I realized this might be it you know, that key that might be opening my success doors so I decided to create a blog that would target an audience like me who love denim.

Would the blog feature denim alone?

Nope but be assured that 90% of the style post I’d put up here would be denim.

Do I have any fears?

I do. Most of them being fear of failure and what if’s but I’m facing it headstrong and giving all I have to make it work. Allow me to borrow a quote from laura ikeji whom might not be your typical A list celebrity but she said, “how would you know for sure you’d fail when you’ve not even done it yet.

Y’all grab a glass let’s make a toast to 2018 of breaking territories and conquering denim kingdoms.

I’m marking attendance for all my past readers and all who are just joining us. Say hello below to get your name ticked.

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