Denim Dinner

Happy valentine’s day to you and yours but if your single quickly grab a glass let’s make a toast to self love after all na single we single, we no kill anybody abeg.

What’s your plan for today? Hanging with the boo or wallowing in singleness or spending time with the girls? Drop a comment below.

The only plan I have today seeing as its a weekday is go to work and come back by 6pm. I’ve never been the person that had whatever plans on valentine’s day even as a student, I always celebrated my valentine’s day in church which fixed this bomb party where we had music, drama, and comedy so it was like an escape from engagement stories and the extra mushiness that shows up on valentine’s day. This is also my story when it comes to gifts. The only surprise gift I’d ever received on valentine’s day was from my ex two years ago which I still kinda cherish till date.

What’s the most rewarding gift you’ve ever received or you got your self on valentine’s day?

About valentine’s day style, my denim flare skirt and the red top is a break from the red and white which has become the norm or uniform ever since I was a little girl. Please don’t do that today. Switch up your style to something fun and comfortable. Something that defines the real you and be glad you did.

What I’m wearing;

Skirt: denim fabric designed by me

Top: lace fabric designed by me

Shoes: Atmosphere

Clutch: mom’s closet

Putting this style together was a no brainer as I had it all figured out in my mind. I wanted to style this fit initially with silver accessories but changed my mind last minute and opted for gold instead and I think this came out absolutely lovely.

What are you stepping out in tonight?

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