Monday Inspiration|| Intimacy

I’ve never been genuinely swept off my feet by someone or even had the flying butterflies sing in unison in my stomach towards a person before.

The last I came close or so I thought coming close to this was in my 2nd and 3rd year in school. I yearned for it every other day and I lost myself to the ideology that if I looked, talked or acted in a certain way then I’d place myself in a position to receive love or to be seen and loved. This strategy worked for sometime and stopped abruptly and when it did, I thought it was my fault. May be I said what I wasn’t meant to say.

My childhood should be blamed for this because growing up indoors where we’re taught to swallow our thoughts and words because apparently speaking up for yourself is damned and disrespectful and not worthy of a child of God. So I played it safe every time, with fear that there’s the only way there is.

This post might come off as a click bait with the title intimacy but I had deviated from the topic with the two paragraphs to yarn more about my childhood and wanting to be loved which is the angle I would love to discuss intimacy from. Intimacy is mostly viewed from the sexual aspect but I want to write on a different aspect of intimacy which is a close relationship with Jesus which was quite difficult unraveling when I chose to write about this topic.

It takes two to tango right? It goes the same way with your intimacy with Jesus. He’s going to give you right about the same amount of time and commitment you pour into the relationship. If you don’t feed it, be rest assured you won’t get any thing from it. See him as a partner not Santa Claus that you can order what you want from or as an invisible power and lightening that can strike people dead at any moment with the slightest provocation. See him as a friend, a brother and a lover. Until you see him as this, you won’t fully enjoy this intimacy.

The big question really is; how do see someone who you barely know as a lover, friend or brother? You should have interacted with them more than once consistently to say that they have such attributes. This goes the same way with the holy spirit. You don’t know him well enough with just talking to him once, it takes time to make that boast. You know him by studying about him, sharing your fun and low moments with him and basically everything you’d do with your best friend.

Start your 2018 with a different level of understanding of scriptures and become more intimate with him (holy spirit). A decision you’d never regret

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