Denim; Day To Night

Day to night with denim was one tricky styling post you’d ever dare to do because you might never pull it off or you might end up sounding like a moron so I was afraid of doing something that I wouldn’t be genuine and truthful about to gain readers at the expense of my fulfillment.

If I was doing a denim day to night post, I wanted an upgrade from this collaboration Here to a simpler yet realistic way of pulling the day to night look off and doing that with denim.

Day to night outfits mean you might not have the time to go home for a change but just making that outfit work by switching accessories which may include shoes, jewelries, bags or just letting your hair down which are exactly what I did for this post.

I pulled this off with a button down denim skirt and a basic must have white shirt for ladies. This dress code applies if you have a job that let’s you express your sense of fashion at any day of the week but for where I work, you can only dress this way on Fridays so I imagine a typical TGIF when styling this.

For my day look, I buttoned the skirt all the way and wore my corporate block heel shoes, silver stud earrings and hair in a sleek low pony.

For a typical night out with the girls or with my colleagues I had to switch things up by letting my hair down, changed my shoes to a mint green sandals opened my skirt buttons to show some skin and also compliment this look with a net socks.

What I’m wearing;

Denim skirt: Random store

Shoes (black): Random store

(Mint green): Atmosphere

White Shirt: thrifted


Is denim permitted in your work place? How would you pull a denim day to night look? Drop your comments below

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