Monday Inspiration|| Build

Build and keep building is what you need to say to yourself and that hustle repeatedly when comparison sets in.

Last week, I had those moments of comparing my blog with some other blogs that started out with mine and their growth. I compared followership and stats and for a moment I thought I was getting it all wrong with how I went with the blog. I asked questions like; what are they doing exactly that I’m not doing or where is the chief priest that concocts the charm they are using so I can get mine too. Before I snapped out of that sunken mood which comparison puts you in, I wanted to take a break from this business and strategize but as good as that option sounds, I knew it was just that lazy part of me saying you need a vacation when I’ve barely done nothing with denim heaven.

Rome wasn’t built in a day sounds so cliché but that quote still stands true. I applied that same quote to my blog and job which is also what you should do. When did you start blogging? You want to become like ifeoma amadi or cassie in a few months when those guys literally have built their blogs and social media platforms over the years.

In building any artefact, there’s a room for restructuring and nurturing. Nurturing comes first. Nurture the dream with your mind then put plans in place that leads to actualizing the imaginations you nurtured.

Then there’s consistency. You can’t be consistent on what you’ve barely planned or organized. So consistency is like another block you’ve added to the foundation of your dreams. If you’re a writer, content creator, brand influencer or any other business you’re building, you need consistency. Your community no matter how small need to be sure they are on the right track by following you when you don’t abandon the blog for weeks and keep giving one excuse after the other. They need to know that you’re always around and you provide the best and original content there is so consistency doesn’t end at putting up numerous posts daily. You may be consistent but with rubbish too.

Lastly, growth takes time. You don’t see a farmer going to uproot a seed anytime he sows it, probably to change the soil or take it somewhere else rather he takes care of that seed by watering and adding fertilizer when necessary. He also goes further to weed around that plant. Apply the same method to your blog and business. Give it time to grow and enjoy the learning process while at it because that would form your testimony when all has been said and done.

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12 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| Build”

  1. Consistency is so important for growth to occur! That’s one of the problems most bloggers are facing. It’s one thing to be consistent and another thing to put out meaningful posts. Anyway, cheers to growth this year!


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