Style Post||Five Lessons from black panther

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you would have known I saw the hyped african based movie black panther on saturday and I’ve been pumped up with excitement since

It’s hard to get over the movie I must say because I keep remembering various scenes and lines from it that makes me want to go and see it over and over again.

Extra tip; there are credit scenes from the movie so don’t leave the cinema when the light comes on.

This is not a spoiler alert but there are great lessons to learn from the movie about african history, friendship, black love and business which I wrote below in a concise version.

  1. Loyalty: Initially, I thought general okoye wasn’t meant to affirm her loyalty to kill monger when he took over the throne in wakanda but deeply thinking about this made me understand that the law is the law no matter who sits on that throne. It’s been said several times that if you must matter in our government using Nigeria as an example, then you must make sure that you’re among who chooses our leaders. You can’t sit back and watch without contributing and exercising your voting rights then back lash on the government for making the rules later because later on, you’d be dancing to the tune of their music. Okoye re-affirmed loyalty to the throne not because it was convenient or what she wanted to do but because she’s under oath to abide by the rules. I also learnt loyalty can be channeled in the wrong direction but she later realized this and fought for what’s right.
  2. Every decision you make has a consequence; The king of all people should have known better than to abandon the kill monger all to himself with nobody to look after him. I’m sure he knew there would be an after effect but not as heavy as killing his son. I imagine a lot of times, if I knew the future or what the future holds for me, I would have decided better but we don’t know these things and tend to overlook and underrate the power of ‘what goes around comes around’ T’challa had to suffer for the grave mistakes and decisions his father took which at the time, he thought it was for good. I also know mistakes can’t be averted in life and we learn from our past experiences but we can slow down the learning curve and mellow the future punishments by thinking the next steps thoroughly.
  3. Confidence: Africa as a continent have accepted western values, stories, thinking and mindset transforming it to who we are. We are still on a tortoise movement to discover who we are as a continent and this has made us accept whatever westerners have to say about us even our history. M’baku’s character was phenomenal. I liked his confidence and how blunt he was when he defended his colony and his people. It thought me never to be intimidated,to be sincere and real with my words as I owe anybody nothing and if Africans realize this truth, then we won’t be shoved aside when decisions are being taken concerning world policies.
  4. Unity; In a world full if diversity, it was satisfying to see Africans and blacks all over the world supporting the same course and the same movement with the popular #wakandaforever. For the first time in many years, it felt like we had something to call our own even though this movie was fictional, the fact that we had one voice brought tears to my eyes. It made me realize that amidst the fight and twitter savage replies, it’s possible to bring everyone under the same umbrella saying the same thing that blacks must be appreciated and what better time to do this than in black history month.
  5. Charity; Let the world feel that black magic you’ve got Locked up inside. Any business that you’re already involved in or planning to set up, should have charity at the Centre. It’s not going to be about profits alone but lives around you must feel your presence and impact. You’re also going to reach out to help so many people through your platform achieve their dreams. Wakanda wasn’t known for charity even though they had money to reach out to other nations, fear couldn’t let them but I love that lupita had a new perspective on helping refugees and volunteering in non governmental organizations. Charity should be at the Centre of your life and heart constantly helping people through your words and more than your words, actions.

Have you seen black panther? Share a significant lesson you learnt from the movie below.

11 thoughts on “Style Post||Five Lessons from black panther”

  1. I saw Black Panther a few weeks ago and had several of the same thoughts, although I didn’t think about the consequences part (great insight!). The movie brought tears to me eyes too – so grateful that I could see it!

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      1. It was madttt, black panther was definitely not overhyped. And thanks for the heads up about the extra scene cause the cinema was almost deserted by the time the extra scene started showing, most people didn’t have a clue at all!

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