Monday Inspiration|| The Danger Of Ambiguity

I want to grow my stats this year on the blog and also have more followers to my social media accounts’. I want to loose 20 pounds this year’, ‘I want to offer better customer services this year in my store’.

As simple and sincere these statements sound, there’s an item of ambiguity laying low within them because carefully dissecting it shows I’m just making bogus statements without a plan to move forward. Using the last statement as an example, how do you know you offer better customer service when you don’t have mini cards that customers can feel so you can do the statistics at the end of the quarter, so you could say that 25% of the service cards came back positive.

Setting goals is wonderful but what differentiates goals and mere talk is setting a date to those goals. A football match could never be exciting without a time set to it. It’s not the referee, the players, or even the number of goals that makes it interesting but it’s the time allocated to it that makes people stand on their toes. So, set goals but put a time or date to it.

For denim heaven, I set a date to have 400 subscribers before June and grow my followers on social media. This date makes to work as twice as hard to make it possible. This is also applicable to any SME you’re trying to build.

Setting a date and time to your goal helps your analysis when you revisit those goals. If I don’t make 400 subscribers before June, It would make me to fund out if I’m getting things wrong with my content, promotion or design and fix it from there.

I hope this post encourages you to never give up rather put a date to it and work towards the goals you’ve set.

Picture credit: Pintereset

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