A denim flare dress

The versatility of the denim fabric is what makes it beautiful and stands head tall above others yet so unique and strong.

It can be soft, heavy and sometimes fragile to touch. The denim fabric I used here is similar to my valentine’s skirt here. The two clothings when brought side to side can be hard to distinguish literally to tell you how good my tailor was with this fabric.

I must commend my tailor who made all that difference by creating magic out of a fabric in two ways. The little details of ankara at the pocket and short sleeves makes the flare dress outstanding.

I tried playing it down with my styling by keeping it as simple as possible by pairing with a white sandals and a white clutch bag without forgetting to throw in a brown fedora hat and sunglasses to complete the look.

With the hot air we’re currently experiencing in Nigeria, a denim flare dress should be your first option as it serves comfort, simplicity, uniqueness and also makes a statement while at it.

How would you rather style a denim flare dress?

A penny for your thoughts on how I styled mine.

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