Style Post|| how to take care of denim.

I’m always an ardent preacher of wearing denim for comfort and exploiting the versatile nature of the denim fabric.

From light, heavy and medium fabric thickness, denim has it all. In acid washed, dark blue, colored, sky blue and varying colors, each having it’s unique washing and ironing procedures.

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This blog post is a simple and easy guide to help you take care of your denim fabrics more and ensuring your money is put into good use by extending the half-life of your denim clothing.

Like I already stated above, I would distinguish the washing procedures to different types of denim that this applies to.

  1. Colored Denim

This kind comes in various colors but extra care should be taken when washing or ironing them because most of them are made of inferior fabrics which looses their color with detergent. I recommend washing with just soap to reduce the bleaching. Also avoid spreading this under harsh sunlight, rather a moderate temperature to reduce effects of the sun on the fabric.

2. Bubble gum Denim

Bubble gum Denim shorts

This should be washed separately from other clothes because it contains a little bit of lycra and has a tendency to start producing furs. Ensure to use soaps alone when washing this kind.

3. Acid-wash Denim

Just like other fabrics, Acid-wash denim has a good and highly commendable index so can take on both soaps and detergent without damage

4. Vintage Denim and raw denim

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These are all heavy denim fabrics so more water is required when washing them compared to the feather weight fabrics. I keep these aside during laundry so they don’t soak up all the water

Bonus tip: Living in Nigeria?

The best season to wash your heavy denim fabric is during the dry/harmattan season.

All types of denim was not featured in this post because I thought I would be repeating what I’ve stated before but the above is a guide to taking proper care of all the other types of denim like reverse, ecru, raw and patterned denim fabrics.

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