Monday Inspiration|| Networking

As a blogger, business strategist, someone climbing the corporate ladder or just any kind of hustler, you need to enlarge your network Web.

Notice I didn’t mention a fan base but a proper network. You might wonder what exactly is the difference between the two. There is a wide gap between a fan base being the number of people who like you for your profession and may value and accept your opinion to certain topics but a network web on the other hand is a group of strategic links that connect you to a greater good. A network web may be made up of professionals in your field or outside your field but their main purpose being to link you up to better opportunities to make more money.

As a blogger, the bigger your network Web, the more money you make and the more brands get to see your work and willing to get things done with you. I’m narrowing this topic to blogging because this is the area I’m conversant with although it can also apply to your SME’s.

You can never be a loner and still be successful at the same time. This was one of the truths I had to learn the hard way at the expense of my time, money and energy invested previously before I re-launched my blog and moved to my domain. I thought I could stay on my own lane, dish out contents every week and wait for people to see that I’m good and then they would run coming to my blog. While this might work for some, but a huge number would fail using this method.

Networking Methods

  • Attend events: Here in Nigeria where most of the Blogger themed events seem to happen in lagos which means every other person can choose to choke to death If they are not living in lagos, you can still attend other meetings like brand opening events, social media meet-ups E. T. C. Remember that attending these events are a deliberate act so you don’t go there and allow your social awkwardness get the better part of you rather introduce yourself politely to people and pitch your brand while at it because you’d never know who might be interested.

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Extra tip

Carry your business cards along.

  • Don’t sit with people you know: At an event or industry luncheon, don’t sit or communicate with people you’d already know because if you’d do that, then you can call it a friends hangout then. I know it’s more comfortable sitting with familiar faces but you’d be missing out on opportunities by doing that.
  • Follow-up: Don’t get all those contacts and let them keep occupying your phone memory rather put them to work. Stay in touch with these people and remember to draw the line so you don’t become a nuisance to them
  • Support other bloggers: You can show your support to other bloggers by simply commenting under their posts on instagram or their blog posts. I can’t begin to count how many people have reached out to me because of a comment on an instagram post.
  • Give and receive: Networking most times is a two-way street. Send information that you feel would benefit your networks and that favour would be returned in due time

I hope these tips were helpful and I would also love to hear your take on networking and how it has been working in your favour so far.

Drop a comment below ❤❤

25 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration|| Networking”

  1. Commenting on other blogger’s instagram and pages is a very good way to network but some times (in my experience) they don’t reply which gives an impression as to whether you should have even done that.

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    1. Yeah I know many of them don’t but who cares about their reply. You’re only doing that because of their network, the hundreds out there that would see your comment and visit your page from their link.


  2. Hi Obii,
    There are lots of helpful tips here. I guess communication is key. Taking the time to comment on other people’s posts in a meaningful way and replying to those you receive.


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  3. This was very interesting…I’ve been told by many people that I won’t make any money from my blog – I hadn’t really thought about writing a blog for money in the first place. I do enjoy seeing the stats increasing though….I guess I don’t really understand how I could make money out of my blog. Sorry, this was meant to be a short comment, I really enjoyed this post.

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  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your post is very informative and I can definitely tell you’re putting the tips into practice 🙂 And it works, because now I’m on your site 😉

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  5. Makes a lot of sense – as much as I really don’t like the word “networking”, it is something important for most people, in some way. I just try to be myself and connect on a more natural, organic level (in my old recruitment world I used to have to reign myself in and steer myself towards business-talk!) – without going into people-pleaser mode.

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  6. This post is referring to me. To me, networking is the second hardest part of blogging. I constantly remind myself that I need to interact with other bloggers but laziness, lack of motivation and procastination are my biggest enemies. I enjoyed this post and will try to start networking!!!

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