Monthly Recap ✖ OOTD’s

Happy new month denim lovers!

March came with a sack bearing lots of gifts for me. It was a month I rediscovered purpose, got closer to the holyspirit, and of course dealt with brokenness and hurt. It was also a month I broke down and cried lots of times, felt insurmountable pressure and doubt but look who pushed through all of those buttons and I’m glad I made it a love and stronger.

March had a lot of life’s lessons to teach me and I wasn’t even prepared for all of it. March lectured me on

  • Validation: No matter how good I try to repackage this saying that you shouldn’t seek validation else where, it was always easier to type than to actually leave by what I’ve heard myself say lots of times. I sought validation from someone who hurt me and not just validation, I wanted him to feel he missed out on gold when he hurt me so I struggled to be noticed through speech and style. I’m glad the holyspirit dealt with all of that garbage and in exchange, came peace, wholeness and love

  • Keep Pushing: I’ve never been under pressure the way I have been in March. A lot of projects I handled needed my attention every minute and in one of these days when I thought I’d implode, my best friend solved the equation. I vented all and I felt the relief once again.

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March taught me that it would be tough and the pressure of being self-made might drive you crazy most times but the miracle comes when you stay at the edge of that cliff without giving up.


March wasn’t just filled with thorns, it also came with little victories which I thought was worth sharing.

  • I pushed myself to incredible limits like taking a role I never thought I would be in a stage drama. From the pictures, I acted a guy and i felt amazing that I pulled this off.
  • I gained 100 followers on wordpress. I’ve received lots of recognition since moving to my domain after blogging for a year and the kind of love and support I’ve received from fellow word press bloggers, friends and family is simply overwhelming. I also won two awards this month, talk about being a brand influencer right?

  • I made tassel earrings. Being someone who is always impatient with DIY’S, starting and finishing my tassel earrings is an achievement I deserve an award for or a standing ovation


My only definite goal for April is to get my online denim store rolling while creating useful content for the blog. I also plan to get more serious on instagram by challenging myself to post more pictures, curate wonderful instastories and get more recognition so if you’re yet to follow my account on instagram, here it is instagram

Hey fam! I’d love to get your feedback by your comments below.

Did March teach you any lessons? What are your plans for April? Let me know by dropping a comment ❤❤❤

17 thoughts on “Monthly Recap ✖ OOTD’s”

  1. Zuggylicious!
    Keep it sizzling jareeh.

    By the way, for this April, I plan to really blog abt sth everyday. Something, anything, no matter how subtle.
    I’d need your daily reminder for that.😊


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