Style Post||Tall Girl Problems

I’m not six feet yet lol but I still have tall girl problems with shopping decent outfits specifically pants.

As a tall girl, shopping for pants in varieties is an issue. I can’t get denim pants ripped on the knee because the designers don’t put me in consideration when making these jeans rather my sizeable denim is ripped on the lap. The palazzo pants I tried buying once from a random store was also a total failure, I mean the purpose of palazzo is ultimately defeated if it’s not below the ankle almost mopping the floor you walk through.

The only set of denim pants that serve as a bridge between undersized pants and perfect fit is the culottes. God bless the day and whoever discovered this piece of clothing or art. It’s the perfect solution for tall girl problems for so many reasons, the top being that no one would ever care to bother if you have undersized pants on because they’re super stylish.

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As someone who can spend the last dollar on comfortable yet sophisticated and classy pieces, denim culottes was one I couldn’t abandon when I went thrift shopping.

The denim culotte can be styled in any kind of way you want to but me always popping laid-back energy, I chose to go with a simple sheer black shiffon top, vans sneakers, neutral make-up look, a denim fanny pack and afro natural hair giving all the afrocentric vibes that you’d be needing for the rest of April.

I felt strong, confident and bold when I wore this out but people on the streets felt I looked laughable with the culottes. I knew this because i saw each of these critics shaking their head in utmost disgust but I totally don’t care since I’m out here living my best life.

How tall are you? Do you own a denim culottes or any type? How did you style them?

I’d love to read all your feedbacks so keep them coming by dropping a comment below. ❤❤

While you’re here, also check out my new logo and give your criticsm.

32 thoughts on “Style Post||Tall Girl Problems”

  1. No. I do not own a denim culottes.
    I am going to conveniently forget you asked about my height😆
    I like the logo but I LOVE the tag line❤❤


  2. I have pretty much given up on finding any pants long enough to fit me. Whether dress pants/work/jeans none are long enough so I gave up and wear yoga pants. All the time. Why don’t ‘they’ (whoever they may be) realized that women are not cookie cutter replicas? We are all varying degrees of sizes and lengths! LOL I can fully sympathize with your length problems/fit problems.

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  3. I think I have tall girl problems too.. I’m 5 ft 7 and I literally don’t have a single full length jeans. I think it just dawned on me o. They all above my ankles, but I sort of like it that way cause I’ve always felt my legs are awkwardly long. Sigh 😔

    I loved this post and your outfit is pretty. I can’t even pull off culottes — cause long skinny legs 🚶🏽‍♀️


  4. The struggle with being a tall girl and trying to find jeans that fit, especially if you’re skinny is just intense. The Jeans that are long enough are too big on the waist and the ones that fit are too short (hanging on the ankles)…. I always do like you did and pretend it’s s style! haha You look awesome!! xo


  5. I’m 5’7, I have a problem with jeans too, an all round problem not just about the length… The waist, the fit etc…phew, skinny girl problems.

    I don’t own a denim culottes yet but I think it’s really a classy item to own though I’m still struggling to conveniently pull off my regular culottes as I feel everyone is staring at both my nonexistent derriere and my tiny legs…

    Lovely post, you look great and your logo is cute too.


  6. Love this post!! I’m 5 7’ which is not so tall but tall enough and I feel you. I also have big feet and that’s my major problem as most of the cute shoes come in small sizes😭😭😭

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