Style Post|| Double Denim With A Twist

I’m typing this currently after I cried a bucket full of tears from frustration and stated reasons why I shouldn’t be a Nigerian.

I can’t believe I went through what I had to go through to get my statement of result that ended up being futile because Nigerians and incompetence are twins also if you saw my instagram post, i meant every word actually that yesterday was the most horrible day I’ve ever had in history of bad days. Why would anyone be so determined to ruin your life and enjoy seeing you suffer? I understand better now when people say power does intoxicate, and i confirmed after experiencing torture and near death today from useless showcase of power from a small hidden cave called an office that had the power of almost determining my future. In all things, good or bad I know God has a plan.

Just before I divert the topic of this post to pure lamentation, let me quickly get right back on track!

This mini denim dress have been styled previously on the blog but it was rather dressed down with just a sock and bandana for retro vibes but with this current look, I feel like I should get my visa ready to move to ‘the abroad’ I paired my look with a long denim jacket, white sneakers, a red sling bag and a long sock.

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I chose to restyle this mini denim dress this way because recently, I don’t feel comfortable showing off my thighs and since comfort to me ultimately brings happiness, I drifted to the cool kid look.


Our denim store would be open In few days just after I finish with NYSC CAMPING so you’d be able to shop all the favourite denim pieces. I’m glad I’ve put in a lot of work into creative directing the shoot and taking videos for our online store which explains why I’ve been away for almost two weeks. I missed blogging and connecting with all of you through comments and also reading posts from other bloggers on this community but baby girl is back!!

Now, what have you guys been up to? It’s a cliché question but I’m gonna ask still, who missed me? 😂😂 what’s your take on this styling? Would you wear this or restyle your own way? I’m itching to hear what you have to say. Drop a comment below👇👇 xoxo

13 thoughts on “Style Post|| Double Denim With A Twist”

  1. Mehn! Bae, this outfit is everything and I’m so loving it, you’re making me love denim more and more and I think I’m going to recreate this style. Currently I’ve been reading blogs too and I’ve found you. Nice post hun👏


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