NYSC Diary||5 kinds Of People I Met In Camp

Writing this post without a well crafted apology for my esteemed followers who I know missed my witty, creative and thought provoking blog posts would be an unprofessional attempt to mar my already succeeding denim blog empire. I hope y’all are in tune with my English. Ok! This is the part you gas me up!!!

I’m so sorry for leaving the blog like this even though I announced in my previous posts that I would be gone, I realized later that it wasn’t much of an excuse or permission to leave y’all hanging or guessing for over a month. I’m really sorry and I hope to do better.

I was away from home and the environment I was used to for over 3 weeks, locked up in what felt like a prison, wearing the same outfit and summing all that up, I was living a regimented lifestyle. The military in all their cruelty thought for us, acted and sometimes punished us for not following orders.

If you’re a Nigerian, NYSC scheme is not a new acronym for you. It’s been rang in your ears several times that without their discharge certificate, you can’t secure a job or vie for any political position in the country which puts you at the edge of making life threatening decisions as an adult seeing that it’s a scheme that cannot be evaded except your legs are long (Nigerian slang for folks that are privileged) so attending the 3 weeks camp was not presented amongst platter of choices for me but was made a compulsory option. As a Nigerian, you’d have read lots of posts on NYSC (national youth service corp) camp experiences tailored to each individual which I don’t want to bore you with again so I chose to write on the people I met instead.

1. Energetic/Oversabi people

These category are involved in every activity in camp. They are in dance, drama, sports, parade and hell they are part of the cooking team. These folks act like they dreamt of their platoon before coming so they fight the good fight of faith to ensure their platoon (group) are the winning team or in mm case, distort the status quo. We all know they have hidden motives which includes securing a better job position but never pray to meet these set of people because they make you feel like you’re inferior sometimes. They are also the first in every queue and strictly ignore all persuasions that would permit you stand before them

2. Maami/ turn up folks

The maami market is a popular and only market in camp accessible to the Corp members. To be honest, the only thing you can’t buy at this market is a car but everyother thing you can think of can be bought here including these shades below that has turned my new faves.

These category are always hungover and looking to attend the next party even when they’ve not totally recovered from the previous night. These are the alcoholics. Their favourite word to hear is free booze but they don’t also mind spending all their cash. They are also free spirited individuals. They are the best group of people to hang with or make friends with in camp because they don’t take life too seriously but most guys in the category are also open to one night stands, their desire cant be totally dismissed since booze and sex are akin to each other

3. Gum Body people

These people are experts on parasitic relationship and like the Liverpool football team, they never walk alone. They find a way to tag along with you in every slightest way possible so you can pay for their food, laundry or any other expenditures. They are often wolves in sheep clothing and take up every little opportunity to pride themselves as esteemed and privileged individuals. These group of people are rich by association because their target preys have been carefully selected. Beware of these group because they would suck you dry and you’d realize this after the 3 weeks period. You’d think you’re best friends when you meet them initially but it’s all fake. Don’t fall for it!

4. Coupled up

You’d think these people started their blooming relationship before they came to camp. You’d be tempted to scream GOALS when you meet them in all their mushiness and the way they fearlessly express their love to each other. They sacrifice their stipends, time and they can even go as far as taking up punishments meant for each other because they seem helplessly in love.

5. Lazy AKA I cannot come and kill myself

You can tell your fave belongs to this category. I was always dodging all activities which included any form of drills, parade, sports, quiz, competitions, drama, dance and also found a way to avoid any platoon related duties. The excuse I would give frequently and that’s always at the tip of my tongue is “pharmacist on duty tag” it helped me dodge all forms of punishments for lateness and not abiding by the rules because I spent time saving Corp members lives so it’s only rational reasoning to let me out. I also have my squad in this category who were not in any health related activities but found a way to escape camp drills and punishments. They’re the real MVP’s

I know this was a long read but here’s me hoping you had fun reading my camp experiences.

What group did you belong to in camp? If your category is missing, kindly add below. I would also want to hear all about your camp experiences so share with me below.

21 thoughts on “NYSC Diary||5 kinds Of People I Met In Camp”

  1. I was so in the I cannot kill myself tag. Just came back from camp as well, I saw the oversabi ones so well…they will push just to write down their names for one activity or the other and am like it’s never that serious.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Pharmacist on duty” is everything. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
    I can’t wait to use “scientist on duty” when I finally go to camp.
    I cannot come and kill myself. I’m busy with more important things like finding the cure to HIV.๐Ÿ˜‚


  3. I love this post! Cracked me up a lot๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚..I already know my category;Iโ€™m lazy as hell and know thereโ€™s no award for suffering lol..Great post and great pictures all the same!

    Liked by 1 person

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