Life Lately + A style Post

I feel like it’s a series of unending apologies whenever I come back with a new blog post after a short hiatus or a long period of going MIA and I know is becoming quite boring but these past few weeks has me thrown and battered by life on all sides and while I miss updating my blog and my blogging community, there’s really nothing I can do about it.

I recently moved to a new city (Lagos) because of NYSC from my calm and small village to somewhere I’m struggling to adapt to a new culture. It’s been difficult settling, getting a new Job, finding a new and decent accommodation, communicating in a different dialect from what I had been used to. It’s been a Rollercoaster full of struggles and while I’ve not yet settled with all these issues, there’s a voice that keep telling me in my weakest and almost depressed moments that I’m coming of this dark hole soon.

I was never prepared for this adulting life but who’s ever fully prepared anyway? My life lately isn’t going to be segmented to different subtopics of what I’m wishing, loving, doing but from my troubles above, it can be easily deduced.

The style post for this week is really simple and something I put together in minutes. I thought I could switch the white shirt for something more feminine and also ditch mules for sneakers but my androgynous fashion side chose the masculine shirt instead. The mules I wore here were thrifted Zara shoes and the denim shorts is the same I wore here. My hair was kept afro not to complement the whole look but I was just tired of taking care of my natural hair and I hope to get a trim soon and rest. The red blazers was also a means to add an oomph of sophistication to the entire look and oh before I forget and you notice my lackadaisical attitude, these pictures were done with before my friend and photographer noticed that one of my earrings were gone. It was too late to start over after I found it so forgive me.

If you’re following me on instagram, I made a story of my BTS of how these pictures were taken and one extra spice to add to these pictures is a video I made which I sincerely think should be recognized in the entire world as a missing piece to the ‘genius’ song by sia and labrinth.

I’m itching to hear how your life has been and the progress you’ve made so far.

What’s your thought on this look.

7 thoughts on “Life Lately + A style Post”

  1. I just started a new business ,in my Mind I was thinking boom and it will blow and I will become two things at once pharmacist/hair boss.. For where.. Nne Ayam even tired of the kind business and much talks you will hear I will get back to you. Just like that they won’t ping you again they will just be viewing your status.. But I hope God will touch their heart one day so they can buy. Anyway you can do small shaku to ease the stress.. Thumbs up.. The pictures look great. ..i feel relieved now

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  2. I love it! I’m definitely going to be trying this look soon and I’d make sure to tag you in’re soo beautiful and I didn’t even notice the earrings lol. I hope you settle in soon, we are missing you and can’t wait for you to go back to feeding our souls daily with your post!

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