Do You Still Read Blogs?

This must be the funniest title I’ve had to come up with and also had to do with why I’ve not hit the ‘publish’ button for so long

This question has been left unanswered within me and I must say it got be troubled. It may also be a reason for my sudden unexplained disappearance from this space. I got tired of writing, publishing and proof reading what I wasn’t sure people clicked on, read or had an impact. It felt more like a chore than a hubby.

When I started blogging, I remember how I would binge read on my favourite fashion, lifestyle and travel blogs. I love it then, it would keep me busy so I got most of the push to start blogging from reading these blogs and it was the right push I needed to start mine.

But recently, I don’t read blogs anymore. I rather binge watch YouTube videos or watch pictures on instagram and read the captions. The only way to get me to read a blog is if what you write about captures my interest and these interests of mine got fed by my discovery of pinterest, youtube, and twitter. I get all the news, fashion gossips and comedy which are exactly the same thing blogging offers.

So guys, this is a blog question to people who will take out time to read. Do you still read blogs? What changed for you and what will it take to convince you to start blogging or reading again?

2 thoughts on “Do You Still Read Blogs?”

  1. I still read blogs cos I get to see more amazing pictures and reason with the blogger on a personal level. Social media to me this not tell me the true story I would want to hear.


  2. I read blogs daily. As a matter of fact for the most part, I have all blog post alerts sent to me instantly when the blogger posts. I love reading about what is going on, how we all create, poetry, life, pictures, I enjoy this community.


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