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I'm Obii-Okpala Chiezugo. A pharmacist and the sole content creator and editor of my denim heaven. My denim heaven is not just any blog, it's a website dedicated to strictly showing you how denim is a neccesity

Style post: Boyfriend jean and Notes (Rejection)

Have you ever trusted someone who is clearly in a position to help you get either a job, house, that contract, a promotion and that person disappoints you? This person might not be so distant from you, I’m talking about your brother, sister, parents, uncle or aunt.
Let me put it in a particular Nigerian situation, your father is the CEO of a particular group which can be a company and it’s an easy access for you to get a job in that company. You might end up not even asking him because you feel that job is yours already, then all of a sudden, you receive the shock that you didn’t get the job, I mean how possible is that?
Well,  I have been rejected by people who I taught could help me severally. I have trusted people so much for something, then they let me down till I realized that I should only trust God for whatever it is- the job, house, promotion e.t.c.
The bible clarified this in psalms 146:3- ‘put not your trust in princes, nor the son of men, in whom there is no help’
I hope this rejection note helped you!

Today’s style post is all about the boyfriend jean. I decided to put together 3 different ways you can style the boyfriend jean. For my first look, I wore a pair of brogues, a vintage shirt and the fedora hat. I went all denim for the second look where I paired the boyfriend jean with a denim shirt, denim biker jacket then white sneakers giving this whole look a cool kid kinda vibe.
You can go ahead and raid your boyfriend’s closet and pair yours with his shirt which can be any color, I chose white anyway and I paired this final look with some sexy red heels.
Go ahead and tell me what you think. Which is your best look? Which look would you try?

Style post: vintage fashion

Yaaaayyy! ! Am super excited to be posting on my blog for the first time and I hope y’all feel the same way too. Let’s jump right in to the vintage post.I got all of this outfit from thrift and I loved this shirt immediately I saw it, I had five ways I could style it in my head but I finally settled with a pair of jean shorts and the diy knee length yeezy boots. Well, if you follow me on instagram,(you should go follow on _zuggy) I already styled this vintage shirt once, when I had to meet up with a friend for lunch.
Yeah, so go ahead and tell me what you think about this look.
Pictures below