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My experience #TE11

My experience at the #TE11 was one i will not forget in a hurry. I joined my home branch of house on the rock church, the journey was smooth and funfilled with pastors and workers who were with us, I thought it was going to be a long, spiritual and tongue blasting one but it was far from my expectation. These guys made me believe in marriage and they also taught me that even though they are born again Christians , they are not angels or invisible.

We arrived at the venue a bit early and secured our seats. I couldn’t believe that people were there as early as 9am to get seats just behind the vip spaces. Experience is not just a gospel praise and worship concert, it’s also filled with a whole lot of drama. You’re gonna see different kinds of people in their numbers including crazy, sick, naturalistas and other categories. It amazes me how people who just cursed themselves out, fought switched to lifting up holy hands and worshipping the next minute.

I was drawn to attending experience this year for the first time particularly because of Travis Greene. The event started around 7pm or thereabout not quite sure with prayers before samie okposo rendered an electrifying praise session.
Everybody that was involved in this experience did extremely well including the artist and workers (ushers, security, protocol, choir, sound engineers). The crowd there was something I have not seen or imagined, it was really crazy and I wondered how they were able to control such a crowd and has never recorded any stampede since onset. I saw why it’s named the largest gospel musical concert in the world.

Well, my first experience was memorable but the next time I’m attending that concert, I will be going with a vip ticket.