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Monday inspiration|| The grass is never greener

‘Look at Jen, oh see how perfect her life is, she hardly puts in effort to life, but she owns everything I want and more’. Same with ify, see how perfect her family is, they are all progressing. Look how perfect and united they are, her parents gives her anything she wants. ‘ urrgh!! My life is such a mess, nothing is working. I wish I was born or living Jens life or born into ifys perfect family’ Continue reading Monday inspiration|| The grass is never greener

Monday inspiration (hungover)

The title of the post is a little bit deceiving but my hangover is not coming from beer or wine, i wish it really was. My hangover is coming from a pain deep inside, from what i feel, endurance and patience i have to go through before i get to a place of my breakthrough. its coming from inferiority, self esteem and rejection, almost leading to depression. Continue reading Monday inspiration (hungover)