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Restyling The White Shirt

Did you notice the transition or switch? Well, if you did or didn’t,  I have a little explanation. I moved from blogger to WordPress last weekend. This was a difficult decision to make as I was starting to build my stats and grow my readers already in blogger but I had to do it. I wish I did my research well before I started blogging, I would have chosen wordpress without even batting an eye lid.

I’m hoping to do a complete post on my transition in another post entirely and I’m sure it’s going to be a very helpful one incase you’re considering starting a blog.

Enough of my rants lol…I do feel like writing a love letter to ‘the white shirt’ The classic white shirt which comes in different sizes and design had become a wardrobe staple over the years. It’s versatility and freshness is very distinct from several other colors. Recently, the white shirt has been worn in so many different styles, you can wear it the way I wore it in this post or just button down the good old way, which ever rocks your boat.

I learnt this style from ifeoma, a fashion blogger and I also think she uploaded a short tutorial video on this, you can check her out too.

Leave me a comment guys on your thoughts generally about the white shirt and how I restyled it.