Colors for christmas

Hurray!! Merry Christmas guys!!
I’ve never felt christmas like that may be it’s because we always travel to the village during Christmas and there is little or nothing we do apart from attending birthdays and weddings. I really wish next year will be lot better for me.

Anyway, I got this really lovely fabric from the market and I turned it in to a cape top. I can’t believe it turned out this lovely. I paired it with a red shirt and a blue jean.
What are your thoughts on this?
Also let me know how you’re celebrating the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Hey guys, the Christmas holidays is almost here, just few days away and if you are like me travelling (to my villageūüėāūüėā) or you are not travelling, you can pick a few things from the tips I will be providing further in this post on the complete guide to what you should be packing for the holidays or what you need in your closet this holidays.

This season will not be different from the rest, you already know the downplay of the events, from traditional engagements to weddings, reunions, engagement parties, end of year parties and the rest of it, being ready for which ever one you might be attending is key!
You might be needing these few
Dinner dresses
Midi dresses
Traditional attires ranging from lace, Ankara, gele e.t.c
Perfect shoes for whichever dress you choose
Accessories including clutches, bags, necklace, earings, bangles e.t.c are not left out

Sweaters, coats, socks will come in handy incase it gets cold considering the forthcoming harmattan. Your day to day comfortable denim trousers, few tops, shorts just for a casual look, running errands and short time visits should be included in your list too.

Gifts too should not be left out. I will be dedicating a post to gift ideas this Christmas probably on my next post.

I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know by commenting below. Thank you!!

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I know I have been slow on posting on the blog but I’m deeply sorry and I promise to do better.

Recently the quote ‘it’s a small¬†world’ is started making a lot of sense to me. A whole lot of things happened this past week that made me shudder. You never know who is looking at you from a distance and might have written a short story of who you are and how you behave. This particular one caught me, when I was shooting for this post, I¬†didn’t know people where watching. In fact, ¬†they already made up stories about me and ¬†I came across one of them randomly and she started with the unending questions which was a bit embarrassing but in all she appreciated me.

Back to this style post, here in Nigeria, the weather is really hot and the scorching sun is not helping at all. I¬†can’t deal wearing long sleeves or any heavy¬†clothing. I try as much as I can to choose comfort in my clothes, this is why my printed short dress came in a bit handy. I just threw the denim jacket over it cos I¬†thought it was looking too plain.¬†
Let me know what you think of this! I also want to hear your ‘it’s a small world’ story.

How to wear vintage

On my previous style post here, I promised to give out tips on how I wear vintage. I will like to also add that this is my personal style hence my opinions. You can feel free to add yours, which ever way it fits into your personal style.

Whenever I wear vintage, I always try to give it the most modern interpretation as possible.
¬†When¬†you’re considering vintage, I hope these tips help out.

  • Shoes- ¬†shoes matter a whole lot, if¬†you’re not wearing vintage from head to toe, you can switch up your shoes to modern like a sandals or a court shoe similar to the one I wore in this post
  • Accessories- This includes the bag, bangles, hats, glasses, fascinators and the hair. In as much as I try to keep it modern, I didn’t take away that vintage vibe, I kept my bag vintage. Belts are also a great way to style vintage depending on what you’re wearing. I didn’t use belt in styling this post because I thought there was no need. Hats are also great accessory when wearing vintage which can be any type of hats.
I hope this tips were of great help to you. Try it out and hash tag stylelately let me know how you styled your vintage. 

I appreciate everyone of your comments.
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My experience #TE11

My experience at the #TE11 was one i will not forget in a hurry. I joined my home branch of house on the rock church, the journey was smooth and funfilled with pastors and workers who were with us, I thought it was going to be a long, spiritual and tongue blasting one but it was far from my expectation. These guys made me believe in marriage and they also taught me that even though they are born again Christians , they are not angels or invisible.

We arrived at the venue a bit early and secured our seats. I couldn’t believe that people were there as early as 9am to get seats just behind the vip spaces. Experience is not just a gospel praise and worship concert, it’s also filled with a whole lot of drama. You’re gonna see different kinds of people in their numbers including crazy, sick, naturalistas and other categories. It amazes me how people who just cursed themselves out, fought switched to lifting up holy hands and worshipping the next minute.

I was drawn to attending experience this year for the first time particularly because of Travis Greene. The event started around 7pm or thereabout not quite sure with prayers before samie okposo rendered an electrifying praise session.
Everybody that was involved in this experience did extremely well including the artist and workers (ushers, security, protocol, choir, sound engineers). The crowd there was something I have not seen or imagined, it was really crazy and I wondered how they were able to control such a crowd and has never recorded any stampede since onset. I saw why it’s named the largest gospel musical concert in the world.

Well, my first experience was memorable but the next time I’m attending that concert, I will be going with a vip ticket.

Denim is a lifestyle